Friday, September 01, 2006

Networked Professional Development - Collaborate with our peers and everyone can get more work done with less effort

Mlearning - Using pdas and mobiles in the workplace

It's Sunday afternoon, I'm enjoying a glass of wine and preparing a session plan for another networked learning workshop tomorrow on my PDA. Just to demonstrate the full use of this little gadget & to see how user friendly it is. I will be applying the use of this technology for for the group of refrigeration trades teachers I'm preparing for tomorrow. We will be exploring the use of PDA's & mobiles in the workshop-teaching environment...

I'm also been invited to set up a forum for September for Web2.0 'newbies' as part of the EDNA groups 2006 community forum on 'Cool Web 2.0 tools'.

'We have been on a vertical learning curve using internet tools unheard of in the civilised world. There is so much information to absorb that the brain is now mush and open for extraterestial infiltration.'Refrigeration teacher

One teacher wrote on his blog :-) after two days of intensive Web2.0 Networked Learning PD, using the Web2.0 tools to go on and network with his colleagues & build his own 'Personal Learning Environment' (PLE). This can only be encouraging, as we have come a long way in just 12months.

This time last year at the The Learning Powerhouse - Conference on VET Teaching and Learning Pedagogy September 2005 I did a presentation on networked professional development. I thought I'd lost the podcast of the session but was pleased to recently find it on the ICVET site. Listening to it a year later I'm publishing it for interested 'newbies' to web 2.0 (Like me at the time, my learning never ends) who have not made the transition to using Web2.0 technology in day to day teaching with some PD strategies for coping...

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Note: In the 2005 podcast I talk about teachersmart and smartconvert, we now talk about teacherconnect professional development, a team based approach using a variety of Web 2.0 technologies...

'Lets really focus on the benefits of networking because thats where it's at, networking will allow us to share capabilities ideas and project work. It will allow us to share resources even physical work spaces once the culture and internet connections are in place. The increase in shared knowledge and skills will be exponential as soon as that process gets started. The wonderful thing about networked professional development is it promotes something I see lacking , something I joke about; working together, networking promotes team environments and fosters a commitment to work towards the same goals for the benefit of all, thats somewhere where we have to get to...' Steven Parker - 'Empowerment Through Technology' ICVET Presentation September 2005

In relation to Professional Development the gist of the 'Empowerment Through Technology' podcast is the same as a previous post Open Networked and Hands On (replace the word student with teacher...;-)

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