Tuesday, September 19, 2006

FLNW #3 The conference is on the money

Some observations from the journey over to Dunedin New Zealand on what is going on in the mainstream press with Web 2.0 and social software, how it's affecting organisations and the way they work...the FLNW conference is on the money, we'll be talking about all things Web 2.0 ad networked learning...



Anonymous said...

This is great, a timely relevant observation of the media take on Web2.0 in the corporate world ... Thanks Steven ! (ps: The inflight technology broke down for a reason..how ironic)

Stephan said...

Hi Steven,

You seem much more lucid here on day 1 than your latest post "Cranky and tired", looks like you may need a good nights sleep mate or you won't make the distance. Wish I was there to party with you all :>
Great job on the blog, love the video diary BTW ... you are all doing a great job and are part of the transformation of the network which we have come to identify as web2.0

stevenparker said...

Hi Steph

We're at Christchurch polytechnic at the moment. I've be looking for an alternative to text blogging and using the built in apple isight on my laptop to blog, it's more honest and spontaneous. I like the way this post reflects my body language emotion, it's me evolving to more real communication. I think that this form of video blogging will start to become more common, especially when PCs get web cams. Having a threaded conversation of video posts could be the breakthrough we're looking for in engaging the greater majoirty with the networked model. Check out the videos form today and yesterday. Gold :-)

stevenparker said...

I wish my PC laptop had a built in webcam