Wednesday, September 27, 2006

FLNW#8 - LMS's Structured learning and Networking Groups in a Diverse World

This video was taken at John Eyles house on the 24th September and relates to the discussion around Northtec's Certificate in eLearning Design and Development. and the current discussion in the FLNW google group Networking groups in the diverse world.

Teemu with respect to learners who may not be comfortable with being put in an open networked online learning environment:

"I want to live my quiet life in my little hut and I'm happy there"

"Its exactly the same thing as a person who says please don't take my picture as it takes my soul. You don't have any counter argument to that. If I have the belief that it takes my soul then you should respect that."


I have no  philosophical treatise to add to the discussion all that I can say is as I read between the lines of the FLNW conversation I sense and hear the  individual human voice asking for respect recognition and consideration of their and their communities individualities and rightt to choose to set themselves apart from the nature of the unstoppable all consuming roar and hive of open networked electronic communication...

I expect the conversation to continue in FLNW google group...


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