Tuesday, September 19, 2006

FLNW #4 Web 2.0 and networking with business

Tired with little sleep, but still inspired with the conversations and people I have met.

I had a great day here's a video of me tired and cranky at the end of a busy successful day evangelising Web 2.0 and networked learning, meeting some people from the Dunedin Business community, 28days training for the Real Estate Industy and http://silkbody.co.nz.

I've be looking for an alternative to text blogging and using the built in apple isight on my laptop to blog, it's more honest and spontaneous. I like the way this post reflects my body language and how tired I am (sleep was lacking for the past few days), it's me evolving to more real communication. This form of video blogging will start to become more common, especially when PC laptops get web cams and video with mobile devices becomes more cost effective. Having a threaded conversation of video posts could be the breakthrough in looking to engaging the greater majority with the networked model i.e. those who are perhaps not comfortable with the work time and nature of text blogging .

Talking about how we can use technology for communicating about our product.

Heres a 'silk' video we created with David and Emily we created using imovie and my camera...a quick and fun process...

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