Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Where to next?- Ask the Network

Network Learning

The TLRU is working within an international Tourism Hospitality education network (THED) as part of the Learnscope 2006 teacherConnect project. Working as an enabler with students and teachers using technology, the next logical stage is to explore the pedagogical possibilities for students and teachers to participate communicate create and work within their own online networks, in particular with mobile technologies (These can be readily used in the classroom).

We are exploring these possibilities, communicating and working within a networking learning pedagogy researching digital literacy, access to technology and access to information and the Internet. Here is the podcast from the first THED Illawarra meeting.

Importantly the focus at last is shifting from creating product to the creative process of working with student’s and teachers (an example working with the T&H students, the process took one hour). Students using technology to create and share their own resources, achieve their learning outcomes and attain and act on knowledge at a given point off time as part of their personal learning network.

Roles are changing, becoming more open, networked, and hands on working with and fostering the creativity of students and teachers to help them achieve their individual learning goals and set up their own networks with technology until self sufficient... the way it should be.