Sunday, September 24, 2006

FLNW #7 - Dr Andrew Higgins - Access & Equity - cultural and ethical - New teacher roles

22nd September 2006

The FLNW trip ended up in Northland to discuss the networked learning model, organisedb Stanley Frielick from Northtec. I have just looked at the FLNW google group, which has this feedback on the unconference format. :-)

"Hi Stanley I'd like to say thank you for helping organise such an amazing day. Afterwards I said ... when we met in the carpark that I'd never been to something so apparently disorganised and yet so successful. It was weird and wonderful - so wonderful that instead of disappearing to catch up on a mind-boggling backlog of work as I'd intended, I ended up staying as long as
I could. I'm a beginner in all this stuff, so I can only imagine how much all the local experts got out of the visiting ones. And it was great to see outsiders there too - an example of cooperation that's inspirational too. Thank you to all the people who organised it - including the great food-providors."

NorthTec Staff Member

During the day I interviewed a number of attendees around emerging themes, Dr Andrew Higgins a nd Stephen Downes being the highlights of the day. I think to date the FLNW discussion has been passionate and articulate in framing the networked learning model in the context of learning for the sake of learning, Andrew brings an educational organisation perpective not discuused to date...

The conversation will continue in the

It's the 24th September internet acccess has been sporadic along the trip, we're now all hooking up to John Eyles home network...

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