Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Beginners Guide to RSS, Web2.0 and Networked Learning


You may be interested in an elluminate session I did for people new to the concepts of web2.0 RSS and networked learning, who just want to know where to get started.

'From a beginner's perspective this presentation will explain what RSS is, how it works , and provide practical examples of how RSS can be used in your working and personal life, providing context for setting up your own online identity and networking with others.'

It also provides context on some starter tools and tips when setting up your Personal Learning Environment (PLE)...

Click here for Elluminate presentation. (59 mins)

Note: may take several mins to load, also you might have problems with firewall, if this is the case suggest trying from home :-)


It was part of the lead in sessions for the event: Tapping into Resources for E-learning
6 - 8 September 2006

Note: I Don't go into detail in presentation on 'tagging' but suggest looking at 'help' for web2.0 tools in general, for example and have some good info on tagging.

Also recommend checking out

What other resources would you recommend for beginners?


Wendy Zammit said...

Hi Stephen, I'm just outting together something for my teachers and this is very useful.

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