Saturday, August 05, 2006

Networked Learning Rights

The networkedlearnigrights group has been a hot topic of conversation amongst many of my colleagues over the past week at the Learnscope and ICVET events I attended.

From this I started to think how can one facilitate not only the shared knowledge, but also the shared thoughts, views and expressions with each other online to reach a wider audience.
  • How do you encourage participants (students teachers) at all levels to want to participate and express themselves within an open network?
  • How do you quickly seek resolution and overcome differences of opinion elevating a conversation to have meaning focus and relevance?
  • How do you quickly generate agreed solutions to specific questions/problems?
  • How when and why should you moderate contributions to a group?

For me gaining understanding of the answers to these questions is tied to guidelines on moderation and particpant's rights and responsibilites within a network In this context I would like to know have you formed facilitated or are a member of an education network :
  • What charter, manifesto, guidelines does the network refer to?
  • How important is it for an individual to formally agree and adhere to the group standards before participating in group?
  • What moderation strategies do you employ?
  • When where and why would the network be moderated?
  • Who has the right to moderate? What are their responsibilites?
  • What are the moderation steps?
  • What is the groups collective responsibility to individual members?
  • What communication strategies are most effective for facilitating generation of knowledge and understanding?
  • Does a networked learning environment always need to be open?
Answers to these questions form the basis for the success or failure of implemementing a networked learning model within public education.

You might like to do a blog post or share with the networkedlearnigrights group. You also might like to ask other questions of the group. Looking forward to gaining the collective insight.

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PS. In this context, you may be interested in the life based learning paper published at the icvet powerhouse conference on Friday. A fantastic direction for VTE don't you think?...

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