Monday, April 24, 2006

A simple idea

One Simple Idea- Present networking technologies to resonate with teachers on the personal/ emotional level, more relevant to their lives.
  • Incentive

  • Build online identity

  • Application to pedagogy
An incentive to stick at it, to put the necessary time in at home, network, build an online identity, gain confidence then apply to teaching and learning. For example; Gently (no innovation overload) encourage colleagues to set up photosharing accounts ( accounts. One 'non-techie' colleague was recently shown how to use flickr, from this she quickly worked out how to put up pictures of what mattered to her and then link to friends. When recently asked to show the rest of the team, she said 'I'd love to' with a new welcome confidence. Initiate a number of people (catalysts) in how to photo share what matters to them, pictures of family, cats, the recent Rolling Stones concert ;-)... with their mobile phone, then maybe a bit of video of kids/ grandkids. They can show their friends and colleagues how to follow their lead, the collective gaining an inkling of how it can used for teaching their classroom tribe, the curiousity, confidence, desire... to ask themselves :-) how difficult can it be? Something I'm still figuring out...time to play with podcasting with delicious to teach, fun for me, unfamiliar for some. Happy to support and share with others what I learn...


Michael said...

Wow Steven! Sounds like we're all thinking along similar lines (just got your comment on my blog!)

It makes so much more sense hey, to enable teachers to learn new things in a fun way - a way that is worthwhile to them because it benefits their lives in and out of work!

Wish there was a way for HR to support these kinds of 'professional development' (perhaps there is?)

Michael said...

Woops, the link there was meant to be back to Learning Tools for Life