Friday, May 19, 2006

Shared learning

Networked learning- I intuitively 'get' the concept of networked learning why it makes sense for education and for teaching and learning, shared learning, the concept of students and teachers on the internet collaborating during the construction of their learning, they build their online identities and share knowledge , browsing, critiquing and commenting on each others contribution to the web via computer and mobile. Learning from each others identities and providing context, collective awareness growing and evolving over time, everybody's a network.

Networked learning mind map 1- Building online identity and sharing with others.

A simple concept with much underlying complexity , practical considerations only start to reveal when mapped out. We are currently researching and implementing the practical applications off these concepts. I am going through the process of mind-mapping my understanding of the different aspects of networked learning in relation to planning professional development for other teachers, . The project is about implementing a sustainable OPEN networked professional development model in collaboration with other educational organisations (You are invited to get involved).

For the mind-map I have used CMAP but want to be able to share and collaborate on mapping the concept further. I will put the information into a collaborative mind-map tool to get feedback and refine the model, maybe gliffy (Another great web2.0 name).

A networked learning Mastermind

Many educators in my network have inspired my learning and awareness along these lines and I share and recommend subscribing to their blogs:

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alexanderhayes said...

Great Post Stephen. I really appreciate your points on the connected / networked/blended learning arena using ( and abusing) web 2.0 'out' there tools.

Pics are good - links are good - tis' going to be a good year.

Alex Hayes