Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Tagging the usefulness of Web2.0 to teaching

Originally uploaded by Steven Parker.

I’m interested to know why should teachers invest a large chunk of time in getting to grips with Web2.0 technologies, which include new concepts such as networking and blogging?

I invite anyone reading this blog to comment from your perspective or point me to your posts.

For many teachers new to learning how to utilize these new technologies; the meaning of Web2.0 and it’s application to teaching needs to be understood first. ‘Why should I learn this? How will it be useful for me as a teacher?’

I want to use delicious tags (verbs) mixed and matched to communicate the usefulness of a tool and attributes in a teaching and learning context.

To start with I have chosen verbs to associate with the application of Web2.0 technologies as part of a networked learning pedagogy :
  • Sharing information/ sharing aspects of self
  • Discovering information/ discovering people
  • Engaging with information/engaging with people and what they have to say
  • Participating in tasks/ participation with group or individual in conversation
  • Reflecting on learning/learning from others
  • Inspiring.
As I collect new Web2.0 tools, sites and teaching and learning case studies in delicious as part of the ‘teacherconnect’ project I will associate the verbs as tags .


delicious- also includes tags teacherconnectInfo, teacherconnectTools, teacherconnectBlogs, Jo has them RSS feeding into teacherconnect.wikispaces :-)

The tagging data is searchable and I can then use this in training as another tool to communicate the meaning of Web2.0 and it’s application in a teaching and learning context.

What I want is teachers be able to search on what I want they want do to teach, be presented with the tools, information to do the job (with a peer rating system on how effective they are) with links to their colleagues friends and peers profiles to tell them what to do if they have problem.


Leigh Blackall said...

push this post into the TALO eGroup Steven

alexanderhayes said...

Hi Steven.

I like this blog post because it spells out what teachers might be questioning themselves with respect to Web 2.0 technologys.

I'm going to cast a small post today at on this topic and try and tease out the main points that challenge my learners at this present point in time.

You have a great blog and a nice way of getting your point across. I particularly like ( being an artistic soul) the images that you include with your blog post.


Alex Hayes