Monday, October 23, 2006

Barriers and Solutions to Participating within a Network - Learning in the moment at Learnscope 06

Learning in the moment - Interview with Ken Burgin of
observations on the Learnscope06 event with suggestions and conversation on improving participation within a learning network, in particular the tourism and hospitality network .

Podcast topics

Interview with Stanley Frielick of Northland Colege of ED NZ and Steven Smith of the network.

Discussion around the idea of divorcing the process of publishing media for teaching and learning from perceived copyright and endorsed curriculum issues , overcoming barriers to participation in a learning network, and raising awareness of using technology in the classroom.

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Questioning the logic of closed systems (Such as Sharepoint) and selling resources to remain profitable within an educational organisation and how this model can affect teacher participation in a learning network and teaching and learning outcomes for students...

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