Sunday, May 11, 2014

Technology Isn’t the Only Source of Innovation

This blog post from Charles Hughs Smith particularly resonates with my "Role based design" research in that the focus of Role Based Design  is on codifying the social conditions that will enable people to develop design  competencies and thus empower and enable them to participate in co creation processes  to innovate, which may or may not employ technology. 

Interestingly in his blog post Charles Hughs Smith states

"So what is the solution to this decline? We face a double-bind dilemma: we are constantly reassured that technological innovation can provide the solution to all problems–yet the problem here is that technological innovation is destroying the need for costly human labor. Technological innovation alone can’t solve the problem because it is a key cause of the problem."

and postulates

"The solution is to recognize the critical role of social innovation enabled by networked human and social capital."

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