Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Madness -The price of property in Sydney - April 2007

The Sydney Morning Herald Magazine cover story was 'What does 400K get you within Sydney'. 400k+ gets you a two bedroom apartment, if you're lucky, that's 400k + for a two bedroom apartment! Ridiculous!

Here's a great of spitting image political satire from 1989, the time of the last major UK housing correction.

This guy talks about the factors leading to a property crash, very informative. :-( Aspirational home ownership for first home buyers has never felt so frustrating.


leighblackall said...

150 000 gets you in around here. See you here soon then :)

sparker said...

Dunedin seems like a great place to live, I'm pleased you made the first jump. The renovations look great. I find the whole affordability situation in NSW very disillusioning, and sorry to see this headline http://tinyurl.com/28o5fk