Thursday, March 15, 2007

ZOHO Creator - Online databases made easy

For those of you desire to create that database you've always needed but would rather not wrestle with Microsoft Access tables, queries, primary and foreign keys relationships, reports and sql queries, ole data objects... along comes another free Web 2.0 application,to make your working life that little bit better ZOHO Creator -

Have just had a play, simply create the required fields and specifying the data types. ZOHO Creator also includes a great 'Upload file' field and nifty calendar field.

When you are ready ZOHO Creator creates the online form with its own url, this can be public or private by invite only.

In addition ZOHO Creator provides
  • Easy to use search criteria based on your form data
  • RSS Form feeds to track the data input
  • Embeddable code to insert your form into your blog, wiki...
I really recommend this tool.

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Raffic said...

Thank you Steven for mentioning Zoho Creator.

As you rightly mentioned, the intention of Zoho Creator is to make way for common people to create database applications on their own.

And with the help of Deluge Scripting it extends the capability of just 'entering and viewing data' into more intelligent way of handling the data.