Monday, June 05, 2006


joshuarrrocks said...

'posting stuff about anemels is cool and rily fun.'

A quick insight into what happens when you show kids, in this case an eleven year old how to use blogger... he was up and running in 30mins!

What does an eleven year old blog about:

He was full of enthusiasm, so much that once his blog was published online he continued on by drawing up his own plans for the future of his blog (no prompting needed), which involves taking video and pictures for his school projects, ' do stuff with friends, show them my favorite games and stuff..'

By the end of the day he had not only shown his brothers how to set up a blog, but also his father!!

When shown how to link to his favourite stuff and put it on the internet he thought it was 'sick'. So do I :-) Joshua was enthusiastic about showing his blog to his teacher, to see if he could get the class blogging...will wait and see the feedback soon.

Joshua RRRocks!!!


Jo Kay said...

Brilliant work, from both you and Joshua by the sounds of things!

I can't wait to hear more about what Josh 'ROCKS' on his blog.

stevenparker said...

It's interesting to see what matters through the eyes of an eleven year old. His enthusiasm and aptitude for technology is apparent, I look forward to seeing how he progresses with video and pictures. Some ideas he put forward, talking about bullying at school, blogging on behalf of his class, making money...