Monday, November 07, 2005

The Challenges

OK, it's been a busy past couple of months trying to get 'product' out the door at the TLRU. In particular the new version of teacherSmart. Time to focus on PROCESS, in particular network learning. I'm posting some of the context of my thinking for what I want to achieve with a networked learning approach for me as an individual and in my professional role at TAFE.

From my point of view The Challenges we face as educators:

  • Fast pace of change in technology – keeping up with the changes, recognition that it is relentless. The latest version!

  • Knowledge and Understanding – of the benefits of technology for teaching and how to use it. How do I learn and cope, if I am to use technology The challenge for basic to intermediate users.

  • Time – Teachers lack of time to investigate and learn new technologies and about the possibilities. They need quick fix solutions and support, from organisations like the TLRU or their peers.
  • Accessing training, equipment and information, and knowing where to get help, what my peers doing?

I'll use this blog to record my thoughts on how we address these issues with a networked learning approach. Comments, ideas appreciated.

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